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Because the preparations for your wedding are a unique, unforgettable, exceptional but also stressful adventure for you, here are some (essential) tips for organizing your wedding decor.

Create a wedding organization binder

You must first manage to classify the thousands of ideas for wedding decoration, dresses, atmospheres, announcements... that go through your head! Buy yourself a pretty binder, dividers that you can personalize, funny bookmarks, paper clips, pens and transparent pockets to create a binder for the organization of your wedding. For each divider, define a theme: place of reception, caterer, decoration, wedding dress, estimate… don't hesitate to cut out photos that inspire you from magazines and stick them in your binder! The latter will follow you throughout the months of your preparations so pamper it and above all do not lose it...

A detailed schedule for the participants
To succeed in organizing your wedding without ending up completely crazy, organization is the key word. You will surround yourself with witnesses and bridesmaids and it's a safe bet that your mom and your cousins ​​will help you in the preparations. So before you tear your hair out because your witness forgot to pick up the personalized tags you ordered, and to avoid any drama, keep a detailed attendee schedule up to date. Write down the names of the people, their tasks and the important dates and above all, don't forget to distribute them! So with a detailed schedule, which can be shared on the internet between you, no one will be caught off guard and everyone will know exactly what to do and when.

De-stress because there will always be unforeseen events
Even with the most advanced organization in the world, you won't cut through the unexpected: a witness whose car breaks down on the way, the rain that comes on D-Day, a button that breaks on your dress, a missing chair on the meal… all that makes you stress, doesn't it? And yet, there will always be unforeseen events, always! So destress! There are some things that you will never be able to master because it is impossible, so take a deep breath and above all delegate to your witnesses, bridesmaids and your family, they are there to help you. A witness fails? Ask a friend to pick it up, it's still not you in a wedding dress who's going to stick to it!

Call in the professionals
The best way to limit disasters and risks in a marriage is to call on the professionals. Your neighbor's grandson is certainly very nice, but he is not a professional DJ and beware of false notes! Likewise, your sister is probably doing very well on Instagram, but photography is a real job that requires experience and quality equipment. So, call on real professionals to ensure your wedding day. You will find many directories on the internet and on wedding blogs, it is then up to you to contact them, to have quotes drawn up and above all to choose the people with whom you want to work. In addition, we advise you to call on a wedding planner who will take care of the coordination on D-Day between the different service providers,

Anticipate the details
It is well known, the devil is in the details! In the perspective of being a Zen bride and avoiding nervous breakdowns, anticipating the details will allow you not to be plagued by worry and stress as the D-Day approaches. To do this, we advise you to organize yourself using a schedule (as seen above) and plan ahead for your wedding decoration. This will have the advantage of allowing you to fine-tune everything and adjust the details, which you obviously won't have time to do if you do everything at the last minute...

Invite only important people
The biggest part of the wedding budget is the venue and the caterer, so we recommend that you only invite people who are really important to you. Besides the fact that it can optimize your budget, inviting only people who matter allows you to spend a moment with them and to be surrounded by people without whom none of this would have been possible. Surrounded by the people who are dearest to you, you will make room for emotion and precious memories.

Enjoy the best day of your life!

The most important thing is that you make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime day! You've been dreaming for months about entering the church, decorating your reception hall, culinary or festive events, the pretty gifts you wanted to offer your guests... it's time to take advantage of it. Let yourself be guided by your emotions, share your love and your happiness with the people who are dear to you and above all don't forget to say "Yes".

Cheap wedding decoration
Our online store offers thousands of items dedicated to weddings at low prices. Whatever the theme of your event, the number of guests or its location, a huge choice of items ensures you find the rare pearl.
On the cheap wedding decoration side for the room, we offer the latest trends: wedding chair covers, lanterns, wedding hangings, garlands, balloons, urns, alliance cushions , wedding figurines....

The animation will not be outdone with our confetti cannons,  photobooth parties , garters, fireworks or even soap bubbles.

We have been working for more than 15 years to offer you products for an inexpensive wedding that fulfills all your dreams.

Make your choice from our wide range of cheap dragees: avolas, chocolate, specialties, almonds, hearts...
there is something for all tastes and all colors! We work with French houses specializing in wedding dragees.

Your online store for party supplies

Art & Festif, online store of party supplies, invites you to discover its wide range of party products: decorations, tableware, accessories...

decorative items

Take advantage of our advice for decorating a wedding hall or find decoration ideas for a birthday by discovering our different atmospheres, according to the seasons and the events:

  • Room decoration : wedding, baptism, birthday, family meal, professional reception...
  • Table decoration : tablecloths, table runners, napkins, disposable tableware, candles, lanterns...
  • Wedding decoration : tableware, balloon decoration, urns, draperies...
  • Birthday party: balloons, garlands, costumes, gifts, candles...

Rental of party & wedding equipment

Art & Festif offers you a wedding equipment rental service such as chair covers & bows, fabric tablecloths & napkins, candy bar. Also take advantage of a helium balloon inflation service and the rental of equipment such as smoke machines, bubble machines, light sequencers, etc.

For more information, contact our online party supplies store . We also invite you to browse our news to stay informed of all our news.

The card space

Offer an   original and personalized birthday card  and benefit from a wide choice of cards for all your festive events: wedding, birth, birthday, bachelor party...

Offer an original and personalized birthday card and enjoy a wide choice of cards for all your festive events: wedding, birth, birthday, bachelor party ...

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